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The Warfighters Soul Book

The Warfighters Soul Book

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About this product

To the suffering veteran: now is not the time to ring out. A QRF is on its way.

In The Warfighter's Soul, Greg Wark and Ray Rodriguez explain the trauma and depression that attack veterans and offer proven strategies to combat this enemy. This book is for veterans, those who know a veteran, and those entering the military. It will prepare readers to face the unseen enemy that buries itself in a veteran's soul.

The tactics found here offer practical solutions and explanations of why and how they work.

Read to understand

  • why so many veterans commit suicide,
  • the signs of a person considering suicide,
  • how to help the veteran in your life,
  • actions for confronting stress and trauma,
  • how to survive thoughts of depression and suicide, and
  • what the soul is and how it works.

Learn tactics to manage traumatic events and help others who are engaged in this unseen battle.

Veterans Mental Health Book 240 pages soft cover

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