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Tea Tree Facial Toner | Apple Cider Vinegar

Tea Tree Facial Toner | Apple Cider Vinegar

SKU: 7660750408071

Acne clear toner 6 oz

This organic Tea Tree Toner is the perfect follow up after washing your face! It includes the power of organic apple cider vinegar to balance the PH levels of your skin, leaving your skin balance and refreshed! The tea tree essential oil cleanses and provides a treatment for acne and scars, diminishing their appearance! You will be amazed at how great your face feels after using this for a week!

Vegan gmo free organic | all natural.


Comes in a handy pump top bottle!

Directions: place cotton ball or washcloth on top, and pump 1-2 times, rub onto a clean face.

Best used after face wash, and before a serum!

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