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Shower Affirmation Cards in

Shower Affirmation Cards in

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Infuse a wave of mindfulness and inspiration into your self-care routine with these Self-Love Affirmation Cards! These bright, waterproof affirmation cards are crafted for busy individuals who desire a daily dose of motivation and self-empowerment. Each set contains 14 distinct and heartening affirmations, perfect for anyone seeking stress relief and a positive mindset.

Product Features:

14 vibrant, waterproof self-love affirmation cards plus title card (15 cards total)

Simple to stick and remove from shower and mirror surfaces

No adhesive required, just a touch of water to adhere to surfaces

Non-toxic, food-safe, and 100% tree-free material

Ideal for meditation, daily motivation, and stress relief

With the Self-Love Shower Affirmation Cards, your will begin each day with an encouraging and uplifting message, promoting self-compassion and personal growth. Offering a unique and empowering self-care experience to remember.

Waterproof Self Love

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