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Restore Skin Salve

Restore Skin Salve

Restore Skin Salve is an incredibly moisturizing natural skin salve that is great for many skin conditions: dry skin, mature or aging skin, psoriasis, eczema, etc. It can be used in place of aftershave, as a moisturizing night cream, as a diaper rash barrier for babies, on dry or irritated skin, or as a sunburn relief ointment. This salve comes in an unscented option for those that are sensitive to fragrance or have sensitive skin. Restore Skin Salve does go on slightly greasy, but is quickly absorbed by the skin. Avoid getting it on clothes, as it may leave a greasy residue. Each skin salve tub contains about 2.9oz. The scented version has mild essential oils infused.
The tubs are recyclable and BPA-free. Little white beads may appear on the surface and bottom of the product. This is NOT mold. The butters and beeswax in this product can produce little “butter beads” since they have been melted and then cooled.

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