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Orchid Calcite Polished Point

Orchid Calcite Polished Point

SKU: 9622470408071

**CERTIFIED & AUTHENTICATED Beautiful Orchid Calcite stone that has been cut, shaped, and highly polished into the points you see pictured! Display one in your home, office or sacred space. These are perfect for adding to your personal collection or gifting to someone special you may know.

STOCK PHOTO. Each point will vary in size and characteristics. Some points will be wider, longer, thicker, or thinner than

others. Measurements will range as weight goes up.

* 400-600g

Calcite is the stone of "EMOTIONAL HEALING", It helps to relieve emotional fears, depression, and stress which brings balance and inner peace to our physical, mental, and emotional being.


• Made in Brazil

• Weight: 1.6 lb (0.73 kg) 400-600g

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