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Old Fashioned Soy Candle

Old Fashioned Soy Candle

SKU: 9949080408071

THE SPEAKEASY COLLECTION features handcrafted "cocktail" inspired candles great for gifting!

Natural Coconut Wax Candle!

Hand-Poured in small batches.

Crafted with Clean & Natural Ingredients & a

Crackling Wooden Wick.

A complex and smoky masculine scent reminiscent of a drink staple!

THE OLD FASHIONED: This scent features the following notes.


* A smoky scent with a hint of citrus, perfect for men and bar enthusiasts alike*


  • Natural Coconut Blend Wax
  • 9 oz amber glass container
  • Crackling Wooden Wick
  • Vegan Leather Label
  • Screw on gold lid

Masculine scent 9 oz. Hand poured in SW Florida candied orange, tobacco, leather, patchouli

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