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Nourish Lightweight Tallow Lotion

Nourish Lightweight Tallow Lotion

SKU: 2036348308071

About this product

Treat yourself to the silkiest, most nourishing lotion you'll ever use! Tallow is packed with bioavailable vitamins and nutrients that your skin needs for optimal health, and once absorbed it leaves your skin feeling nourished and silky soft, with no residue. It's safe for all skin types and ideal for those with sensitive skin, irritating skin conditions, or who need to avoid certain ingredients found in commercial lotions.

This lightweight body lotion is pH-balanced and expertly formulated to dry quickly to a soft, silky finish - it's still highly moisturizing without feeling heavy or greasy - perfect for warmer days, humid regions, or those who dislike the feeling of lotion or creams on their skin.

Transparent Ingredients:

Distilled water, Grass-fed & Finished Beef Tallow*, Aloe Vera*

*, Avocado Oil*, Calendula*,

Olive-derived Emulsifying Wax*, Arrowroot Powder*, Leucidal (all natural preservative from radish root ferment).


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