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Natural Mullein Leaf Tea Bags

Natural Mullein Leaf Tea Bags

Introducing our Mullein Leaf Pyramid Tea Bags - a carefully crafted herbal blend designed to bring you the natural benefits of mullein in a convenient and elegant pyramid shape. Experience the soothing and gentle qualities of mullein with our 40 pyramid tea bags, each providing a comforting and nourishing infusion.

Mullein leaf herbal tea is a famous preparation of this plant and is often consumed for its potential health benefits. Mullein tea is often used to ease throat irritation and alleviate coughs. Its mild, soothing nature may provide relief to those with respiratory discomfort. The anti-inflammatory properties of mullein may help relieve inflammation in the body, making mullein tea potentially useful for conditions involving inflammation, such as arthritis.


• Made in Albania

• Weight: 1.92 oz (54.43 g)

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