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Morocco Selenite Rough Crystal Wands (4 Inch)

Morocco Selenite Rough Crystal Wands (4 Inch)

SKU: 5392427408071

Imported from Morocco

Raw Selenite Crystal Wand 

  • Energy cleansing: They can be used to comb the energy field, removing stagnant or negative energy and promoting balance and harmony.
  • Protection: Placing selenite in your home or sacred space creates a protective barrier against negativity and fosters a calm environment.
  • Healing energy: Selenite wands amplify healing energy, clear energetic blockages, and balance chakras.
  • Spiritual connection: Selenite attunes to higher planes of consciousness, connects with guardian angels and spirit guides, and cleanses the aura123.
  • Meditation and intuition: Selenite is great for meditation, intuition, and grounding
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