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Matcha Carrot Overnight Face Mask

Matcha Carrot Overnight Face Mask

SKU: 3690038308071

About this product

This Matcha and Carrot infused Overnight facemask is made with Ashwaganda powder which is natures hyaluronic acid. This mask is designed to help ingredients penetrate more deeply so that you wake up with a glowing complexion


Rub a small amount over your face before bed, ensure to avoid eye area and broken skin. Wash off in the morning.


Avocado Oil: Nourish and moisturize skin

Matcha Green Tea: Rejuvenate skin complexation

Carrot: Vitamin C, reduce skin inflammation Ashwaganda: anti-inflammatory, reduces the look of fine lines, supports collagen regeneration and boosts hydration

Moringa Powder: helps prevent wrinkles and damage due to free radicals, helps to remove toxins that cause acne.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil: reduces dark spots and blemishes, antibacterial, promotes cell growth and collagen production, shrinks large pores and firms skin


  • Made in Canada

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