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Manifest Ritual Oil

Manifest Ritual Oil

SKU: 6539840408071

Ignite the power of manifestation with transformative Manifest Ritual Oil, crafted to amplify your intentions and bring your desires to life. Infused with sacred botanicals, mystical energies, and the essence of manifestation, this oil is your ally in co-creating the reality you desire.

Apply it to your pulse points, sacred objects, or visualization tools, and visualize your desires with unwavering clarity. Feel the oil merging with your energy, empowering your intentions and signaling your readiness to receive the abundant blessings of the universe.

Manifest Ritual Oil serves as a catalyst, empowering you to take inspired action, seize opportunities, and manifest your deepest desires.

Rosemary, Red clover herb. Red clover blossom, Alfalfa leaf, Cinnamon, Roses, Essential Oil &

Grapeseed Oil

Notes of Tea Tree

Organic homemade (new version has white tops)

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