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Love and Friendship Crystal Set

Love and Friendship Crystal Set

SKU: 6637745308071

About this product

Introducing our Love Crystal Set, the perfect way to enhance your well-being through the holistic practice of crystal healing. This retail-ready set includes high-quality crystals that have been specially selected to encourage love and friendship in your life.

It's the perfect gift for anyone who values mindfulness, spirituality, and natural beauty.

ROSE QUARTZ - Unconditional love + kindness ^ (may be heart-shaped, rough, or polished stone)

AGATE - Abundance + generosity (may be a slice or a polished stone)

CITRINE - Happiness + success

QUARTZ - Harmony, clarity + calming

CARNELIAN - Creativity + releasing grief Cute drawstring pouch (muslin, cotton, or organza)


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