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Yoga Kauna Contemporary Cushion

Yoga Kauna Contemporary Cushion

SKU: 1000560408071

About this product

Material: Water Hyacinth / Kauna Grass Craft

Pack Content: Please see STYLE options.


Cushion Length - 46 cm, Width - 46 cm, Height - 7 cm, Weight - 1400 gram each

About this product:

Add elements that will calm your space & soothe your soul. Every home should have a "myspace" right? A beautiful old school seating with a contemporary design is just perfect to make your little nook! It is designed to suit modern apartments & spacious homes alike. The mat is foldable & can even be used for your morning Yoga sessions!

Water Hyacinth is one of the softest yet sturdiest natural fiber used for woven products.

**Cushion Only**

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