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Holy Kakow Organic Coffee Syrups

Holy Kakow Organic Coffee Syrups

About this Product:

Bottled by hand since 2008.

Organic- Vegan - No soy or gluten. Real-Food Ingredients

Holy Kakow uses extracts made from real foods to impart genuine, long-lasting flavors that create an unforgettable beverage experience.

Himalayan salt and organic citric acid from lemons are used to maintain freshness and heighten flavor.

Lattes, cocktails, Italian sodas and shakes! The options are only limited by your imagination. If you are looking for the best organic coffee syrups with strong, authentic flavors then Holy Kakow has your number.

All organic sugar is not created equal. Holy Kakow hand selects Organic Colombian sugar rich in molasses and dark in color. The result is not simply sweet, but full-bodied.

  • **Syrups are bottled by hand with minimal ingredients, no artificial preservatives, some separation may occur. Gently shake the bottle to mix***
  • **The natural ingredients are sensitive to slightly elevated temperatures, keep away from espresso machine***
  • Fair trade


    No artificial sweeteners




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