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Golf Polo

Golf Polo

About this product

Legend has it that if you say "Worcestershire" three times in the pro-shop mirror, someone will arrive with a stalk of celery and a piece of bacon. Good luck with that, by the way. It'd be easier to fix your swing than it would be to pronounce that. The Men's Bloody Mary Golf Polo is the perfect antidote to on-course headaches and post-19th hole woes alike.

Woven with comfy, stretchable material, it won't get in the way of your swing and, while it may not come with hot sauce, it keeps you lookin' spicy. Wear this on a lazy Sunday morning or a hazy Saturday with the boys, and you'll feel better about your bad swing on the 4th hole.

The Men's Bloody Mary Golf Polo is your cure for a bogey-ridden day on the links.

Bloody Mary

Golf Polo

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