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Goats Milk Turmeric Soap

Goats Milk Turmeric Soap

SKU: 3517138308071

About this product

Turmeric works to brighten the skin, fade dark spots, and promote even-toned, glowing skin.

Scented with tea tree & lavender oils to help fight bacteria and decrease acne breakouts.

It lathers very well and is moisturizing for the skin since it's still a goat's milk-based soap.

Use this rich and nourishing goat's milk soap bar A in the shower or the bathtub. Each bar lasts approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on use.

The approximate weight is 2 ounces.

Quick Details:

o Oil: Tea Tree & Lavender

o Exfoliator: Organic Turmeric Powder o Base: Goat's Milk


  • Made in United States

“Glow Up”

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