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Essential Oil Cards:Aromatherapy

Essential Oil Cards:Aromatherapy

SKU: 1012007408071

The 50 cards in this set are designed to give you a beautiful, fun, and empowering way to learn about essential oils.

This unique card pack is the ideal way to learn about essential oils and how to use them. Just choose a card that embodies an emotion you would like to heal from or promote. On the back of each card is a list of essential oils that can be used to get your mood on point and promote overall well-being.

The cards are divided into two groups: the first is "give me some of that" emotions such as abundance, courage, love, and passion; the second is "get outta here" emotions such as anger, distress, and sadness. The card fronts feature a bold splash of color that matches the mood or emotion you're hoping to diffuse or stimulate. The card backs have an affirmation to help nudge your mood in the right direction.

Best of all, each of the 50 cards can be affixed to the supplied metal rings so the cards can go wherever your essential oils go.

50 cards w/holder

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