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Chakra Stone Set + Sage & Meditation
Card, Bundled

Chakra Stone Set + Sage & Meditation Card, Bundled

SKU: 8131996408071

About this product

This is a beautiful set of Chakra stones + White Sage Bundle & meditation card! Perfect for gifting!

Here's what you get:

(1) Meditation Card: Instructions for a Chakra Mediation: To balance our energy centers.

(1) White Sage & Chakra flower bundle

(1) Intentional Matches: Bonus cleansing prayer printed on the back.

(7) Tumbled Stones, each corresponding to one of our Chakras: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis, Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Red Jasper

The Selenite charging plates are NOT included in this bundle, it is used to give you an idea of size & how to display.

Packaged in a gift bag!

Note: Natural stone can vary in size, color, & shape. Expect lines/shades/variances as these are considered the "finger prints". No two are the same! All crystal healing uses & metaphysical properties are provided as a means of education. PS- We love healing crystals & believe they spiritual support healing.

** Ships in a pouch, ready for gifting!

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