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Chakra Root Spray

Chakra Root Spray

SKU: 1042898408071

Spray this synergy blend to activate the first chakra. Visualize red light at the base of your spine. Use this spray to improve your focus, passion, motivation, prosperity, health and vitality.

Affirm: "Vital life force flows through me. My energy abounds and I am grounded and productive. I am strong, healthy and prosperous."

The root chakra is the foundation upon which all the other chakras are built. It is the area responsible for your basic survival needs like food, shelter and water. Everything starts with a foundation, and so it is with our human energy system. Your physical entrance into this world was through the root chakras of your mother and father. The first ten years of your life create the foundation from which you act and react for the rest of your life.

Aromatic Blend Notes: green forest, spicy, masculine, earthy, pine.

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