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Chakra Throat Spray

Chakra Throat Spray

SKU: 7891878408071

*New Formula*

Throat Chakra Spray has a new scent! This brand-new blend is minty fresh with hints of spice. The throat chakra acts as your communication center encouraging both your ability to speak your truth and to hear the truth from others. With notes of Wintergreen to prevent miscommunication and Cinnamon to raise your confidence, this unique blend helps with those difficult conversations.

This spray is not meant to be ingested, but spraying it around yourself and your space can help "clear your throat" and encourage better communication.

Spray this synergy blend to activate the fifth chakra. Visualize sky blue or turquoise light around your neck. Use this spray to improve your ability to communicate with others and the angels. Know your truth, speak your truth, live your truth.

Affirm: "I communicate from my heart directly to the hearts of others. Angels provide guidance to me all the time."

Aromatic Blend Notes: minty, spicy, fresh, woody.

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