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Botanical Turkish Throw

Botanical Turkish Throw

SKU: 1327828308071

Same construction of our botanical towel but a little bit light weight and thinner. 0.75 lbs

instead of 0.85 lbs.

The Botanical is a versatile jacquard woven Turkish towel. It has a special weaving technique which makes it very soft and fluffy.

It's reversible giving a traditional yet modern look depending on how you use it. You can style it like any Turkish towel- wear it over your shoulders as a shawl, drape it on your chair to add style to your living room, or place it at the foot of your bed to jazz up your spread. You name it!

100% Cotton

Size: 39×69 inches

Machine wash on a gentle cycle in cold or warm water with like colors. Tumble dry low. Treat with care, avoiding high heat or harsh detergents/ fabric softeners.

Wash before first use.

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