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Bamboo Mobile Amplifier

Bamboo Mobile Amplifier

SKU: 8170560408071

About this product

A trendy gift for the ones who cannot breathe without music! This Bamboo amplifier is loud enough to surround your room with your favorite melodies (or the latest rap!). It requires no charging (one less thing to worry about!) or batteries & no blue tooth connection required (so no mobile phone battery drain either!). It has been a favorite gifting product for music lovers!

Best product for gift stores | stores with funky items | handmade product stores

Why Saanjh Bamboo?

They bring to you the best practices of bamboo handcraft from a strong pool of artisans in the country, under one roof. The power of global commerce is immense, we do believe in passing quality creations from their joyful hands to yours. Each cluster of artisans has a specialty, be it the kind of bamboo, technique, product preference, etc.

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