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Angels Book look

Angels Book look

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About this product

How to connect with Heavenly Guardians of light by Emily Anderson

Discover how to connect with angels and receive their guidance with this beautifully illustrated, gold-embossed hardback.

This inspirational full-colour guide explores all facets of angelic lore, from the history of angel sightings to the myriad of angelic symbolism in the world around us. Discover how Archangels differ from Guardian Angels and uncover the mysteries of the rarely explored Archaia.

Inside you will learn:

  • How to detect angels in the world around you
  • How to make an angel alter
  • Meditations that will help you connect with angels
  • The characteristics of 30 named angels and how they can guide you, including Archangels Gabriel, and Michael

With beautiful illustrations and feature spreads, this wonderful guide will appeal to anyone wishing to explore these divine messengers and their uplifting messages of hope.

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