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Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

SKU: 1908127408071

Aloe Vera Gel is natures solution to everyday problems! Aloe Vera Gel is the answer for everything! Want healthy skin? Want to reduce razor burns? Need a natural solution to diaper rash? Want to soothe bug bites, reduce itching, remove makeup, condition your hair, or stimulate collagen growth? Aloe vera does that!

98% Organic

~ Soothes burnt, irritated, or itchy skin.

Extends the life of your tan by keeping your skin *super* hydrated.

Moisturizing & Boosts elasticity Reducing inflammation or redness.

Always Cruelty Free!

Made in United States

Weight: 9.92 oz

Organic & Vegan 8 oz

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